The first and second doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine should be administered 21 days apart. The first and second doses of the Moderna vaccine should be administered 28 days apart.
Yes. According to existing clinical trial data, authorized Covid-19 vaccines are shown to be safe and effective at preventing Covid-19 when recipients receive the two specified doses of each vaccine based on the timing used in the trials.
Side effects vary depending on the individual and the vaccine. Many people may have mild side effects.
Adhere To CDC Guidelines If you test positive for Covid-19, the following steps -- outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) -- will help you care for yourself and protect others: Alert close contacts. Tell anyone you have recently come into contact with that you have…
Vaccines support our immune system’s complex and robust defense mechanisms by preemptively exposing the body to a weakened or dead version of a germ, bacterium, or virus.
Once administered, vaccines don’t harm your body. Instead, they trigger the production of a vital protein known as an antibody.
There has been a lot of discussion about whether the FDA should use its authority to grant what is known as “emergency use authorization” for a Covid-19 vaccine and what this might mean for patient safety.
When enough people are vaccinated, vaccines can also protect communities from diseases through “herd immunity.” Herd immunity -- also known as “community immunity” -- is achieved when enough people in a given area develop immunity to a disease thereby making further spread unlikely.
Public health officials and scientific experts are responsible for deciding who should receive a vaccine and when they should receive it. The biopharmaceutical research companies developing vaccines for Covid-19 have no role in the review and recommendation processes.
The federal government is delivering vaccine shipments in bulk to states, which are then responsible for distributing the doses to different vaccination sites, such as pharmacies and clinics. Therefore, the vaccine is available in different places in different states.